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Thursday, April 10, 2008


larry clements

my vehicle has been damaged by this fuel & i would like to be put on this class action suit or refered to whom i can contact about this please let me know!
than you! Larry clements!
my no.# is 916-370-6388

larry clements

I have a 1998 /350 dodge cummins diesel with a little over 35,000 miles on a rebuilt main injector pump the pump went out after filling up with bio diesel. I drove may be 150 miles useing this bio fuel im now looking at spending another 1500 to get it fixed again. I have talked to a lot of people who have had the same problem most have stated ther is not enough lubricant in the fuel to lube the pump!It just dosent seem right for me to replace this!The vender obiously was not required to post any warning about this problem please get back to me soon this just isnt right . Thank you.

My phone #is 916-370-6388
please give me a call anytime


To the previous commenter:

There is one major factor you are overlooking and that is that the state of California has effectively mandated ethanol blending in areas where reformulated gasoline is required by federal law because the state has banned MTBE.

Also, while I am not an expect on California law, it seems to me that if none of the gasoline retailers label that their fuel contains ethanol, then the state must not require them to do so. Thus, I would suggest you write your local state legislator about introducing a bill requiring service stations to label that their fuel is blended with ethanol.

Lastly, what kind of boat has a $30,000 engine? Do you work for Royal Caribbean?


How much did the oil companies pay you?

You are not the one paying $30,000 out of pocket because the oil companies never told you that you were purchasing ethanol fuel for your boat, and that it will cause damage.

Not all gas stations in California sell ethanol blended fuel.

The oil companies in California do not label their fuel. Thus, you do not know if the fuel you are purchasing is blended with ethanol, and you otherwise cannot avoid the consequences of ethanol, even if you know that it will eat your gas tank.

I went to the websites for the oil companies and did a search for the word “ethanol.” Not one article or section came up that warned anyone that ethanol was a solvent and would be harmful to boats, snow mobiles, lawnmowers, or anything else that has a fiberglass or plastic gas tank. Nor is there any disclosure at the pump.

What is more, the oil companies do not tell you that their fuel expires if left to sit, or that it expires faster near water.

The oil companies will get no sympathy here.

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