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Friday, February 15, 2008



oil barron,

Sorry, but I am not the editor of the blog, but I do espouse "those callous behavior" of an editor.

Sorry if I hurt your feelings, but your original post was difficult to read.

Your pal,


oil barron


If I were to guess, it would be that you wrote the blog under a different name. Your pathetic attempt to grammatically correct me exemplifies, those callous behavior of a traditional editor.

You totally mis-understand the purpose of blogging. I would urge you, read "blogging 101"

Gibberish-to-English Translator

Here is what the author of the previous comment was attempting to say:

"In my opinion, we should stop looking at ethanol as a fuel source. The money we are using to subsidize ethanol plants should be spent on meaningful research.

This ethanol fiasco is like a bad dream. We are trying to control it, but when we wake up, we will realize that time was wasted.

And don't edit my comment."

Also, I don't believe he is a real oil barron.

oil barron

I would say we need to give up on the efforts with ethanol. Take that money we are using to subsidizing ethanol plants and spend it on meaningful research.

This whole ethanol fiasco is like a bad dream, we try to control it be eventually when we "wake up", we will only realize that the time was wasted.

And dont edit my comments either.

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